Queen Limited Edition Plush Mattress with Adjustable Base

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This product is a combination of the Queen Limited Edition Plush Sierra Sleep Mattress (M798312) and a power base (M9X532).

Queen Limited Edition Plush Sierra Sleep Mattress (M798312)
Luxurious softness is the inevitable result of layers upon layers of high-density foam and gel support. System of 680 power packed wrapped coils offers ample structural support, while 4-way stretch knit cover provides a smooth yet durable surface for years of use. Foundation/box spring is available.

Power Base (M9X532)
Take sleep to a whole new level with the queen power base with adjustable head and feet. In a zero gravity position, weightlessness is simulated and pressure points are eliminated. Raise your legs to increase blood circulation and relieve pressure on your lower back. Raise your upper body too. The benefits include: comfort for those who want to sit up in bed and better breathing, essential for those who snore or experience acid reflux. Two convenient USB ports are located at the head of the frame for connecting your electronics. Wall hugging adjustable base stays away from headboards and footboards for smooth, silent motion. Platform and storage bed frames are compatible.

Details & Specifications

  • SKU: M798312-M9X532

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