Family History

I opened my first store in 1981 in Hutchinson.  Since then, I’ve opened 12 new locations in Concordia, Salina, McPherson, Lyons, Pratt, Newton, El Dorado, Wichita, Beloit, Clay Center, Russell, and Smith Center.  As it turned out, while my business grew, so did my children. One day I looked up and realized that Michael and Angela were not so little anymore!


I never planned for my kids to be involved in the business, but they had other plans!  From a young age, I made sure they understood the importance of respecting our customers and building personal relationships with them.  Once they understood that maintaining high standards of customer service was the single most important aspect of running the company, the rest of the business followed and Michael and Angela were quick to fall in love with the business.


Today, Michael and Angela have a hand in every aspect of the business.  When I watch them treat our customers with the respect I instilled in them so many years ago, I am proud and confident that our family’s business will be in amazing hands for years to come.


My family is looking forward to meeting your family, so stop in to any of our 13 locations and let us know how we can get you the nice stuff you deserve!  Whatever it is, we’ll get it for you. You have my family’s word.


Mike Strong


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